What are the main aspects to know regarding International Health Insurance? We have compiled a list for you that includes the key advantages of GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE.

Advantage 1: Immediate confirmation for your visa application

Especially important for students from non-European countries: You will need proof of a German health insurance for your visa application. You will receive the official confirmation for your visa application as well as the certificate for the university directly after online application. Our insurance solution is approved by all authorities.

Advantage 2: Can be applied for from abroad

Usually a German bank account and a German residential address are needed for taking out a German health insurance. However, this does not apply to GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE. You can apply for your GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE from abroad, even if you do not have a German bank account and residence, yet. You will only need to fulfill both requirements after entering Germany.

Advantage 3: Comprehensive cover consisting of public and private health insurance

Finding the right insurance in Germany as a foreign student is not quite easy if one does not know about all the German and European requirements and laws. This is why we developed the GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE. Here you will get comprehensive health insurance protection which is tailored to your needs and valid for the complete duration of your stay in Germany, before and during your studies. You can get private or public health insurance or a combination of both, if needed.

Advantage 4: Easy to purchase online

You do not have to get into all the details about "insurance in Germany" in order to find the right insurance solution for your studies in Germany. Just enter a few details about you and your planned studies in Germany and you will automatically be offered the right insurance combination.

Advantage 5: Direct billing with doctors and hospitals

During the period of your studies the following applies: With the insurance solution GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE doctors and hospitals can settle the bill directly with the insurance provider.

Advantage 6: Payment only after arrival in Germany

The premiums will be debited from your German bank account. If you do not have a bank account in Germany at the time of the online application, you can send us the data by e-mail after your arrival in Germany.

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