GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE offers insurance combinations which are tailored to your needs, depending on your age and your purpose of stay .

Benefits TK public health insurance

TK student insurance fulfills all requirements prescribed for a German public health insurance by the legislator. Among others, this includes:

  • Direct billing with physicians and hospitals without advance payment
  • Medical, dental and psychotherapeutic treatment
  • Treatments for the preventive recognition of diseases
  • Treatment in order to prevent and alleviate diseases as well as contraception and termination of pregnancy
  • Provision with medicine, dressing material and medical appliances
  • Treatment of pre-existing illnesses
  • Inpatient medical treatment without temporal restrictions
  • Treatment of spouse and children
  • Easy extension of contract in case of the necessity to study for some more semesters

TK public health insurance offers much more than the legally prescribed minimum care. TK will also cover the costs for homeopathic treatments, travel vaccinations and sports-medical examinations. You will find more details in the TK Infosheet.

Benefits of Free Travel Health Insurance

The most important benefits of Free Travel Health Insurance are:

  • Outpatient and inpatient medical treatment
  • Dental treatment for pain relief and simple fillings (amalgam fillings) as well as repairs of dentures
  • Medically necessary or prescribed return transport
  • Expenses for the repatriation of the insured person’s mortal remains in the event of death or funeral expenses up to €30,000

You will find a full description of benefits and benefit exclusions in the General Insurance Conditions (German).

Consulting tool of the GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE

Why not just have look at our consulting tool? At the end of the needs assessment, we will present you your ideal insurance combination, consisting of private and public health insurance. If our offer appeals to you, you can immediately apply for insurance.

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