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The requirement for TK statutory health insurance is enrollment in a degree program. However, if you are planning to learn German at a preparatory college, do an internship, attend courses preparing for university or a language course in Germany, you are usually not considered a student and require private health insurance such as Provisit Educare24.

Provisit Educare24 meets all official requirements and the insurance sum is unlimited, so it is higher than the required €30,000.

Depending on your age and your type of stay, you can choose from four different types of EDUCARE24 insurance policy: S, M, L and XL.

Language students, intern und adult education students

The private health insurance Provisit Educare24 offers comprehensive protection to foreign language students, study applicants, interns, adult education students and pupils. It can be taken out in various insurance combinations (S, M, L, XL) and is thus tailored exactly to your individual needs.

We recommend Provisit Educare24 M, our comprehensive cover. Provisit Educare24 M consists of travel health insurance, accident insurance, private liability insurance and deportation costs insurance. Provisit Educare24 L additionally includes a wider range of dental treatments. Provisit Educare24 XL is the right solution for persons who also want to make use of benefits within the framework of public programs up to a value of €500 per year of insurance. Provisit Educare24 S is limited to health insurance.

Do I need Provisit Educare24 for my studies in Germany?

With our online consulting tool you can easily find out if Provisit Educare24 is the right choice for you. You only have to enter a few details about you and your planned studies in Germany, and our consulting tool will present you the cheapest insurance solution tailored to your needs.

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