German blocked account

In general, students from non-European countries need a German blocked account for their studies in Germany. As is the case with the topic "health insurance in Germany", you need to consider many requirements and regulations. So as a layperson, it is easy to lose track.

But don't worry! The experts from DR-WALTER developed the ideal online solution in cooperation with the IT specialists from Expatrio: the GERMAN BLOCKED ACCOUNT. If you want to open this German blocked account, you do not have to get into all the details in order to get the right blocked account for your needs.

With the GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE you can unbureaucratically and easily open a German blocked account. Within a very short time you will get the official confirmation of your blocked account which you need for submission to the authorities. With the GERMAN BLOCKED ACCOUNT and the GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE you are perfectly equipped for your studies in Germany.

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What is the purpose of a blocked account?

With a German blocked account you can prove your ability to support yourself during your stay in Germany. The account will be blocked until you arrive in Germany. Once you have access to the account, a restriction applies: There is a limitation on the amount that can be withdrawn or transferred per month.

In general, you need to deposit €853 for each month you plan to spend in Germany. This means you have to deposit a sum of €10,236 if you want to spend one year in Germany. Including fees and a safety buffer of €100, you will usually need to transfer €10,445 for your blocked account in case of a 12 months' stay in Germany. However, you do not have to worry about these details now. All relevant questions will be clarified during the online opening of your new blocked account.