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GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE - the uncomplicated insurance for foreign students in Germany

Just enter a few details and you will get your tailor-made and officially approved health insurance for your studies in Germany! Please use our consulting tool to find out your individual insurance needs and directly take out insurance.

We make things as simple as possible for you

Finding the right health insurance for your studies in Germany is not easy. A lot of requirements and regulations need to be considered.

  • Do I need public or private health insurance in Germany?
  • Is my current health insurance not sufficient for my studies in Germany?
  • Which health insurance is officially approved?
  • Do I have to have public health insurance as a student in Germany?
  • Is my family covered, too?

If you want to be comprehensively informed about health insurance for students from abroad, you will find the answers to these and many further questions here on GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE.

However, the great advantage of GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE is: You do not have to go deeply into the topic in order to be able to choose the right health insurance. Our online needs assessment takes care of this task for you. This guarantees you to get appropriate health insurance for your needs at an optimal price/performance ratio.

Experience, competence und know-how: four strong partners


DR-WALTER is one of the leading German experts in insuring stays abroad and has taken care of the insurance needs of foreign visitors in Germany for 60 years. Our almost 100 employees are well acquainted with the insurance needs of foreign students in Germany.

In cooperation with Techniker Krankenkasse and Expatrio we have developed an insurance solution which enables students in Germany to insure themselves as quickly, easily and unbureaucratically as possible: GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE, consisting of the public health insurance of TK and the private health insurance EDUCARE24.

Logo Techniker Krankenkasse

Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is the largest provider of public health insurance in Germany. Due to its great price/performance ratio and its excellent customer service, TK is especially popular with students from Germany and abroad.

TK attaches the greatest importance to providing perfect service to its insured in all situations of life and offers advice concerning all questions about health and well-being at any time. TK provides a state-of-the-art online service and an English-speaking 24/7 service hotline.


EDUCARE24 is the perfect private health insurance for students in Germany. Whenever you cannot conclude public health insurance, EDUCARE24 is the ideal insurance solution for your stay in Germany.

Students from abroad often need a combination of public and private health insurance. For this reason GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE consists of the TK insurance cover combined with EDUCARE24.

Logo Expatrio

Expatrio aims at making the stay of foreign students in Germany as easy as possible. The team of Expatrio consists of experts in the field of digital technology, who also have long-term experience in the field of "living and working abroad".

Expatrio provides the online consulting tool, takes care of the secure transfer of your data and optimizes the process of the online conclusion in order to make it as easy to understand and as quick as possible.